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Uno Batteries

Dual 48V 180Ah Lithium Ion Kit

Regular price $5,598.00 USD
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Dual 48V 90Ah Uno Battery System
- Includes two 48V 90Ah Uno Batteries
- 15A Charger
- Dual Battery Charger Harness
- Junction block to connect two battery's discharge lines to golf cart
- NOCO AC Charger Port and Adapter Plate
- State of charge gauge
- Battery Hold down kit


100% USA Made in Idaho with a 10 Year Warranty.

90Ah 48V Lithium Ion battery that can support up to 600 amp bursts and 100 amps of constant output.

A single UNO pack will totally replace a lead acid system and only weighs 48lbs vs lead acid's 372 lbs, and still achieves the same drive distance.

Expect twice the speed and acceleration driving up hills with 60% better voltage.

Removing over 300 lbs of weight from the cart increases drive efficiency and Lithium Ion charges over 20% more efficiently than lead acid batteries. This all adds together to reduce energy consumption by 35%.

UNO's patented battery management system ensures the battery charges safely. Connectors eliminate the risk of electrical shorts.