Version 6 Battery Firmware Released

Excited to announce that our latest and greatest version of our battery firmware has been released!

What changes have been made?
The battery will now perform better under heavy discharge loads and finish charging more smoothly. Also fixed a software bug that wouldn't allow the battery to exit a "left charged" mode. 

All changes:
> Fixed a software bug that wouldn't allow the battery to exit the "left-charged" mode.
> Battery can now exit "left-charged" mode if the discharge current is above 20 amps.
> Improved end of charge (slightly lower voltage required to enter rest, more accurate SOC calculations for fully charged)
> Improved performance during high current inrushes, battery can now manage inrush currents longer

How do I update my firmware?
To update your battery's firmware, simply load the Uno App on your Apple or Android Device, connect to the battery, and a screen will automatically load prompting you to update your firmware. Give it permission and in less than 30 seconds you're done!

What is this "Left Charged" mode?
Lithium batteries that are left fully charged for long periods of time will see a small reduction in their capacity. The battery management system (BMS) on Uno will detect that the battery has been left fully charged for more than three days, and it will begin to empty itself to a safe storage voltage. While in this mode the battery cannot be charged. You'll see the battery's LED blink blue and the Uno App will tell you it's in "Left Charged" mode.

How do I get out of "Left Charged" mode?
The battery will, on its own, exit this mode once the storage voltage is reached. You can also exit this mode by driving the golf cart for a few seconds! It will detect the discharge current has risen and will exit this mode.