First Batch Done! Starting the Second!

Feedback on First Batch
We've successfully completed / sold out of our first major production batch (started March 2022 thru May 2022) and have received a ton of feedback from our customers. They love the performance, the range, the easy installation, etc! We also heard that using an existing charger and existing charge port wiring may cause issues if not properly installed. 

Uno Chargers
So, with this feedback we've decided to provide our own charger that will live on the golf cart, new charge port with 110V adapter to allow customers to charge their cart with any extension cord. These chargers are fast (15A solid through 95%+) and max out at 58.8V so you can be confident it will play nice with Lithium Ion packs.

Next Batch
Our next production batch (starting at the end of June 2022) will also use an upgraded battery management system (BMS) that will be able report discharge current to the user through our mobile apps! This will give our customers live feedback on their performance and will allow for future software features that may provide even more range when appropriate. 

We're excited for the future! Thank you all for your support of our mission to build golf car batteries that are simple, powerful, dependable, and clean.

- Trent
Chief Engineer / President