Firmware Update on New Packs - 2.1_3635

Hello from Uno!

We are now putting the latest and greatest on all our batteries, version #2.1_3635. If offers an improved range on all new version 1 packs, improves low voltage and hibernate modes, and fixes an SOC (state of charge %) bug.

Improved Range
We've been able increase the battery's usable capacity by about 10% by improving the battery's ability to calculate its true state of charge (SOC) at lower voltages.

Low Voltage Modes Exit
The pack will now exit low voltage modes as soon as it starts charging (it used to require the battery to reach a certain battery %). This will stop any beeping or alerts as soon as you start charging it.

SOC (state of charge) Errors
We had a few bugs that would inaccurately report the battery's SOC %, which sometimes forced the pack into a low voltage mode or a high voltage modes, which usually meant the battery was frozen for a time. Fixed now!

Thank you for all your support!

- Trent
Chief Engineer / President