Firmware Update on New Packs - 2.1_3634 & Over the Air Updates

Hello from Uno!

We are now putting the latest and greatest on all our batteries, version #2.1_3634. This has a few new features:

Hot Charger Mode - No more annoying beeping
When it's hot outside or if you have a high charge rate charger (15A+ on our current batteries) then instead of going to an over-temperature mode and beeping / showing a red light on the battery, it will now quietly turn off the charger for a few seconds to let the temperature drop a little bit, then turn the charger back on. Based on our testing here in Idaho we're seeing about 10-15 seconds off and about 2 minutes on when it's at it's highest temperature and charging 18A or so.

Critical State - Bad Charger Set Up
We've seen a few customers accidentally set up their wiring in such a way so the charger charges through the discharge line. This bypasses the battery's ability to regulate the charger and could lead to really bad things. We created a new mode that will ATTEMPT (it's not 100%) to detect this and it will, ideally, beep loudly if the pack starts charging this way. It's still up to the customer to ensure the charger is only charging through the charge port, but this may help some customers.

Over the Air Updates - Coming Soon
We want all our customers to have these new features, so we're working extra hard our iOS and Android apps to support over the air updates, aka, you can get the latest and greatest via your mobile device. We hope to have the Android version the first week of June, iOS by June/July.

Thank you for all your support!

- Trent
Chief Engineer / President